Dallas Report 2

It’s Wednesday, and we’re still here! We are very grateful for God’s faithfulness. We came to Dallas to make connections with leaders who are moving in the miraculous ministry of healings and miracles in order to bring that fire to Tabernacle of Praise (TOP). We received such a warm response that we had to extend our stay in order to meet with all the ones who wish to speak with us. This is the Lord’s favor and timing!

Each time I sit down with a leader here and share what TOP is doing, they get excited and want to be a part. Every one of them encouraged us to continue on because God has great things in store for us just around the corner! The part of it all that I am the most pleased with is that the people we have met and shared with are interested in forming a friendship with us and walking with us in pursuit of our vision to see Crawford County transformed. This is exactly what we came here for.

Here’s a quick list of the some of the one’s we’ve been connecting with:

  • Alta Hatcher – Director at Christ for the Nations Institute
  • Dorothy Peterson – Coordinator for The Healing Place (CFNI)
  • Judith King – Freedom in Christ Ministries
  • Tom Scarborough – Freedom in Christ Ministries
  • Connie McKenzie – Director of Children and Family Ministry Major

Today is our last day of meetings. Tomorrow we will be getting back on the road to come home. The elders and I are going to spend quite a bit of time distilling and praying over the information and encouragement that we received on this trip. God has great plans for us, TOP, and I’m so happy to be a part of it with you all!

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support on this trip. We are confident that the fruit we see from this venture will be more than worth the investment. God bless you!


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